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30 Best Web Designs for Travel Industry You Must See Now

The overall success of the website clearly gets impacted by the quality of design and its visual appeal. But when it is a website in the travel domain, the appearance matter more than everything. Be it a website for resort, hotel, or a state tourism initiative, it is extremely important to capture the interest of visitors.

While browsing through a lot more travel industry websites, you might have encountered that people use large photos to give a strong visual impact. To help you with the same, we have compiled 30 different travel-related sites that will take a deep dig at your design inspiration.

1. Your Trip

If you are looking to advertise all your trip packages and vacation specials then this professional, trendy-looking website is the best of all. The vast, wonderful photos attract you and force you to book an outing now. This site format is completely responsive, and the best part is that it's totally free!

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2. Responsive Travel Agency

The expansive foundation photo alongside the basic format and basic shading plan truly make the travel packages the superstar.This format is likewise completely responsive, so your travel packages will look incredible on any gadget. Furthermore, this site format is totally free!

3. Travel Consultants

This site layout includes a "become acquainted with me" segment for a travel advisor. In the event that your business works connected at the hip in arranging your clients' outings, this site format is an ideal fit for you. Likewise, it's completely adjustable and is responsive so your business' subtleties will look extraordinary on any size program. Furthermore, it's FREE!

4. Experience Washington

This one is from the Washington state which gives information to all those who find it interested in visiting Washington.

5. Jacksonville Landing

This is one of the colorful website that has a full size background image. It makes the best first impression.

6. MacAllan Ridge

This site features a pretty nice background photo. The content place makes use of textures and a color scheme which is nature-inspired.

7. Trapp Family Lodge

The website features a large photo of the lodge. It also has links to all relevant content.

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8. Monterey, CA

Get information regarding the top attractions in Monterey. You can also know regarding the accommodations, and book them easily on a site with a great design.

9. Lanyon Holiday Cottages

It uses a clean structure with a substantial utilization of photographs.

10. Visit Idaho

This site makes a very heavy use of textures throughout the whole design.


A soft texture and elements that are relatable to nature are utilized within the design.

12. Visit Maine

This one has a very wide photo that fills the whole screen and gives a very nature-inspired feel.

13. Visit San Antonio

A clean design is used by this website.

14. Tennessee Vacation

It always has a spectacular great websites for its travel programs.It uses a full-screen slider in order to give the maximum impact.

15. Fall for Tennessee

It is colorful and has a very huge background photo.

16. Summertime in Tennessee

The site uses a video to get a make a second copy of the drive.The best thing is that you can plan a road trip here.

17. Springtime in Tennessee

It uses a spring-inspired color scheme along with a large photo.

18. Tennessee Winter

The site makes extensive use of blue.

19. Go Glamping

A clean design as well as layout are used by Go Glamping and also come with a large slider area.

20. Alpine Meadows

Textures always form a very significant part of the Alpine Meadows site’s design. It even has a large home page photo.

21. Live Africa

Live Africa gets you eager to visit Africa by highlighting a slider with photographs of creatures in nature. Since safari's are a noteworthy draw for guests this is a proper methodology.

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22. Design Hotels

It has one of the cleaner plans displayed here. For the most part, it has a highly contrasting shading plan with a vast photograph.

23. Wythe Hotel

It utilizes a perfect format with a light dim and dull blue shading plan.

24. Exclusive Italian Tours

Exclusive Italian Tours prepares you to visit Italy by displaying huge numbers of the nation's most popular urban areas and milestones in a full-screen slideshow.

25. Kentisbury Grange

Kentisbury Grange utilizes a substantial slideshow to keep the landing page in all respects visually situtable.

26. Kassandra Bay Hotel

The full-screen foundation photograph on Kassandra Bay Hotel will have you prepared to visit it in the blink of an eye.

27. Gale South Beach

The Gale South Beach hotel site utilizes a vast slideshow for a solid visual effect.

28. Travel Oregon

The landing page of Travel Oregon utilizes a montage of a wide range of photographs from around the state.

29. Markisches Landhaus

Markisches Landhaus utilizes a basic landing page format that includes a full-screen foundation slideshow.

30. Space Needle

TThe Space Needle site looks extraordinary, however to get the full impact you have to visit it.

31. Westin Finds

The landing page of Westin Finds is overwhelmed by a full-screen slideshow.

32. Corte Jago

Corte Jago has a decent, clean structure with overwhelming utilization of huge photographs.

33. The Bedford Hotel

The Bedford Hotel landing page includes a full-screen foundation photograph and an extraordinary shading plan.

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