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Google Map Live Location Feature: Sharing Real-Time Location

Google maps help you in sharing your real-time location with anyone. That individual can be your relative, co-worker, or a relative. And while doing that, you still have complete control over your profile privacy. This feature can be easily found on both the Android as well as the iOS devices.

A new feature rolled out by the tech giant – Google, now helps you in sharing your exact current position. This feature is known as the “Real-time” location sharing. All Google map users can now use this feature. Moreover, it allows you to share your real-time position with other people, thereby, allowing you to track your location.

In the starting phase, this feature was made available to the G+ users, but then it was discontinued within a few weeks.

The feature was announced via a teaser, and as promised, the launch of this feature happened on 27th March 2017. Post-launch, many users have utilised this feature after they have started to notice it on the Google Maps yet many are not aware of this feature.

How this Feature Works?

a) At the time of using Google Maps, you can easily find the “New” flag in the navigation bar.

b) After that, you can easily click on the flag that allows you to share your position.

c) The recipient will the get a notification/alert stating that you are trying to share the location.

d) Once the recipient clicks on that link, he or she will be able to reach Google Maps, thereby, being able to track your location.

e) Furthermore, the sharing of this location can be quickly done with your contacts by just using a text message or any other app available on your mobile phone.

f) This sharing will merely allow the person to track your position.

g) Also, you can set a limit on the time for the person who can track your location.

Its highlights are as follows -


a) In general, the default setting for the timing is either ‘until you turn this off’ or ‘one hour.’

b) This time can efficiently be decreased or increased as per the need.

c) Post time completion, the user won’t be able to track you anymore.

d) If you want, you can turn the time off before it is over.


The sharing of the position can be done with one individual or with different individuals like your companions and relatives. You will almost certainly observe every one of them on the top of your screen. For every last one of them, you will get a one of a kind sharing link, which will assist you with managing them separately.

Mobile friendly:

Both iOS and Android devices have this feature. Regardless of the device owned by you, it is available for each device. But if you aren’t able to spot this feature, then you should try after updating the Google Map application. Also, it is necessary for you to have the latest version of the operating system in your Android and iOS mobile.

There is one more thing that might increase your interset – Facebook too came up with their ‘Live’ location sharing feature at the same time. Although Stan Chudnovsky, the head of product for Messenger, never committed to a time frame but said, “we’re working on the right things.”

Just after that, they launched their new feature - Facebook’s ‘Nearby Friends’ feature. Using this feature, people in your friend list will be able to find your location on the map, but that depends on who you give this permission to.

Now if you have not disabled the location sharing feature, then there are high chances that you can be tracked as well as stalked at the same time. The use of this feature is extremely good, but it can become a nightmare to you in the case when you have not disabled the functionality mentioned above. If the app is still active, then it is more likely that you may face huge trouble. However, to avoid such things, all you get to do is disable that feature. Also, the application has started to send the users an email regarding the same, thereby, informing them that other users can still track their current location.

The use of the application in different situations –

The feature is convenient and can be utilised in various cases. For example, when you are driving and need to share the ETA when you want others to stop seeing your location. For every situation, the app usage mechanism will changes.

If you have a Google Account -

a) Add all the Gmail address to your Google contacts.

b) Then open the Google Maps app and log in.

c) After that, click on ‘Menu’> Click ‘Add People’> Choose time frame> Click ‘Select People’> Choose them> Click ‘Share.’

When you do not have a Google Account -

a) Open Google Maps and sign in.

a) b) Then click on the ‘Menu’> Click ‘Add People’> Click ‘More’> Click ‘Copy to clipboard’> People using this link will be able to track your position for the time frame selected by your or up to 72 hours.

For those who want to share by using other apps –

Just, click on ‘Menu’> Click ‘Add People’> Click ‘More’> Select another app to share your position.

If you want to stop sharing your position –

a) Start Google Maps and sign in.

b) Then click on ‘Menu’> Click on ‘Remove’ button just beside the person name you want to stop the sharing.

If you want to share your E.T.A while driving -

a) Start Google Maps and sign in.

b) Then enter the driving destination.

c) Start navigation

d) Then click on ‘More’> Click ‘Share trip progress’> Choose a person from the list to share> Click ‘Share.’

e) The sharing of the position will automatically stop after you have reached the destination.

f) But if you want to stop it earlier, all you got to do is click on ‘More’> Click ‘Stop sharing.’

When you want to see other’s location -

a) Start Google Maps and sign in.

b) Then click on ‘Menu’> Choose a name or icon> Click ‘More’> Refresh to see the last updated location of the person.

When you want to stop seeing other’s position -

a) Start Google Maps and sign in.

b) Go to the map and click on a person’s icon> Click ‘More’> Click ‘Hide from map’ or ‘Block.’

When you no longer want to hide someone -

a) Start Google Maps.

b) Then click on ‘Menu’> Click ‘More’> Click ‘Hide from map’> Click ‘More’> Click ‘Show on map.’

Numerous users who have used this feature on their mobiles consider it as a positive approach taken by Google for what it's worth permitting better availability and upgrading the security. Individuals will feel safe to travel anyplace whenever, as they will be associated with their dear ones through this feature. Regardless of that, we have to investigate the genuine reason for introducing this feature and furthermore need to make sense of how we can utilise it excellently.

As of late, this feature has been splendidly used by Kolkata transport administration. Google has collaborated with West Bengal Transport Corporation (WBTC) to share the continuous position of the transports and their landing timings on Google Maps. In the Google map, individuals will most likely enter their goals and receive directions. At that point, they can even tap on 'Travel' symbol to get the continuous data of transport courses and timings. This will help individuals to plan efficiently.

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Blockchain technology provides both ample transparency and optimum security.

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