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Decoding QR Code or Quick Response Barcode

What is QR Code?

QR Code is a machine comprehensible, a square moulded graphic label which is an abbreviation for Quick Response Code. It's an augmentation of the conventional scanner tag. It was at first created by Japanese car creators to track their auto components. Standardised identifications generally store numbers and letters and have little points of confinement, though QR codes can have more significant information.

How does it work?

Scanners or applications effectively check these labels. Applications more often utilise a camera to catch the picture of the QR code. At that point, it interprets the code and reads the hidden data. Implementations can process the data further depending on the use.

Some interesting usages -

Whatsapp for Web

Different portable applications utilise the QR code to associate with its web renditions. Here is a case of how Whatsapp for web functions. At the point when a client visits, he or she is given a powerfully produced QR code. Whatsapp portable application has an alternative called "Whatsapp Web", which can check this QR Code. The minute you filter the code in your program, whatsapp web server, validates you and opens the whatsapp in your internet browser. This offers you the capacity to utilise the Whatsapp from inside your internet browser. The whole procedure does not require any login or extensive confirmation.

QR Code Based Cash-less Payments

This is another fascinating utilisation of QR Code, that is quickly making up for lost time. Each client is given an exceptional QR code, which can be checked by the other client to exchange cash.


Promoters club a QR code alongside their advertisements/offers on boards, papers or magazines. Individuals progressing, don't need to type in the entire url to discover more subtleties or to profit the offer. They should output the all-around showed QR code, which lands them legitimately on the website page that presents more data. This without squeezing any single keystroke. This likewise makes it simple for the promoters to follow the effect.

Device registration / Product Identification & Configuration

Gadget producers have begun utilising QR code for simple design of gadgets. For instance, IP cameras accompany a QR Code sticker imprinted on the base which can be filtered by the going with application that peruses the putaway design information and effectively arranges the gadget for use.

IP Camera using QR Code for easy setup


Event organising companies give carefully produced cards to the clients. The maps can be downloaded in mobiles or imprinted on paper. The tickets contain a QR Code. At the point when the individual having card enters the occasion scene, the coordinators have an application that can peruse the QR Code imprinted on the map and approve with the client's information accessible on the server. This knows whether the ticket is real and has not been utilised previously. On the off chance that it has been used as of now, the application will demonstrate that the individual has officially checked in.


A training startup utilizes QR Codes. The free evaluation module enables students to survey their aptitudes utilising our many decision-based polls contributed by different coaches. Toward the end, they are granted with authentication, which is progressively produced by the framework containing their scores and subtleties, which they can print and present to their instructors or questioners. The carefully created declaration contains a minor QR Code. The questioners can without much of a stretch sweep the QR Code to see whether the authentication is certified and check their scores and even observe their responses for different inquiries.

The rundown does not finish here. The use of a QR code is constrained just by your creative energy. We can effectively utilise the QR code on our business cards and character card for representatives. It would be ideal if you told us employing remark if you've thought of some other fascinating utilisation.

How to generate QR Codes?

These codes can be created automatically as a component of web or versatile applications and help in facilitating the work process for the end clients. Notwithstanding on the off chance that you need to produce some QR Code for lighter utilisation like, imprinting on business cards, pamphlets, and so on, there is some free online administration that will enable you to make them rapidly.

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Vini Paul

it is helpfull for me.nice

23 feb, 2019
Mr. Rohit Aggrwal

Blockchain technology provides both ample transparency and optimum security.

5 feb, 2019

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