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25+ Best Free Calendar & Datepicker jQuery Plugins

Even though the Internet is full of free codes, it hasn’t stopped the developers contribute to projects. JavaScript libraries like jQuery are a microcosm of the open source community as they gained huge popularity.

jQuery-based calendars for websites are among the most potentially used areas. Although, there is a very little use of date & calendar interfaces yet there are many circumstances where they can be pretty useful. Furthermore, while developing a website which needs a particular type of interface, you can easily find dozens of open source plugins.

In this article, we have cataloged the best free jQuery plugins which provide the date-time functionality. A few of them are more developed but each has its own benefits. Another good thing about using the open source code is that they can be easily customized depending on the purpose. Scroll down to check out each plugin that calls out the curiosity cat in you. Furthermore, due to jQuery, it becomes extremely easy to develop date pickers. Even their customization requires just a few lines of codes. There is no doubt that date pickers are significant in business.

Calendar Plugins

1. CLNDR.js

What makes it brilliant?

a) Simple to style and scale to fit any site.

b) Responsive for each screen size.

c) Dynamic occasion watcher with explicit subtleties and dates.

d) Dates for every particular occasion are featured.

2. FullCalendar

2. FullCalendar

What makes it brilliant?

a) Drag and Drop usefulness offer intelligent air.

b) Sortable perspectives for quite a long time, weeks, or months.

c) Discretionary availability with Google Calendar.

d) Madly point by point documentation for engineers.

e) Basic and adaptable UI.

3. Zabuto Calendar

What makes it brilliant?

a) External information might be pulled through AJAX/JSON.

b) Keeps running over Bootstrap with conventional CSS classes.

c) Discretionary multi-language settings.

d) A novel method for featuring uncommon and standard interims.

4. Verbose Calendar

What makes it brilliant?

a) The fullscreen moderate interface is all around planned and loaded with creativity.

b) Verbose Calendar is spread out on a level plane rather than vertically. Dates and months are simpler to get to.

c) Proficient UI with a special standpoint.

5. e-Calendar

What makes it brilliant?

a) Schedule content is overseen through JSON.

b) Date and time information for individual occasions.

c) Simple to confine route of past or future months.

d) Simple to compose and actualize the code.

6. jQM Calendar

What makes it brilliant?

a) The most advantageous fullscreen schedule for jQuery Mobile.

b) Adjustable subject and substance for timetable occasions.

c) Lightweight! JS+CSS records turn out to ~14KB.

d) Effectively adaptable with many decisions for the clients.

7. GoogleCalReader

What makes it brilliant?

a) Programming interface association with Google Calendar is brisk and effortless.

b) No CSS; a totally clear format for custom styling.

c) Information is added directly into HTML with pre-fabricated basic components.

d) Light-weight and basic datepicker

Datepicker Plugins

8. glDatePicker

What makes it brilliant?

a) Route cutoff points to explicit months or weeks.

b) Setup subtleties on unique days or occasions.

c) 7kb compacted with a lot of custom choices.

d) Bright UI with the super-simple route and each and everything in your own control.

9. Multiple Dates Picker

What makes it brilliant?

a) numerous back to back dates and non-consecutive dates.

b) Keeps running as an independent gadget or appended to an info field.

c) Extraordinary online documentation and live example demos.

d) Basic and simple to execute the code.

10. DateTimePicker

What makes it brilliant?

a) Offers a wide range of organizations for date and time choice.

b) Requires only a solitary line of JS code to work.

c) Themeable CSS record with documentation.

d) Offers sidebar time determination along with the date chosen in the meantime.

11. Datepair.js

What makes it brilliant?

a) Recorded alternatives and techniques for the written by hand code.

b) Explicitly worked for range choice between two DateTime periods.

c) No conditions yet can alternatively work with jQuery, Zepto, or Bootstrap.

d) Range choice appropriate to be utilized in movement and booking locales.

12. Timepicker

What makes it brilliant?

a) Increasingly centered around time.

b) Different time designing styles to browse.

c) Takes a shot at any HTML component, input field or otherwise.

d) Figure out how to structure and tweak the date and time go determination of numerous types.

13. jQuery UI Datepicker

What makes it brilliant?

a) The most widely recognized datepicker module with the best measure of help.

b) Simple to modify and restyle for your own site.

c) Has a library of activity and additional impacts connected to the datepicker.

d) A drop-down schedule with cutting edge alternatives.

14. Rome

What makes it brilliant?

a) No prompt jQuery reliance.

b) Supports every significant program notwithstanding going back to IE7.

c) Offers both a date and time picker in a similar window.

d) Incredibly adaptable UI to tests, applications, and programming.

15. jCal

What makes it brilliant?

a) Adaptable multi-month datepicker interface.

b) Permits multi-date determination over time of weeks or months.

c) Set a predetermined number of days for one selection(ex: just 7-day time spans).

d) Showcases two months sequentially at once.

16. Zebra Datepicker

What makes it brilliant?

a) Permits date ranges associated with different information fields.

b) Two default subjects with open customization highlights.

c) Supports every real program including heritage adaptations like IE6+.

d) You can hop from one month to the next and underpins all the date designs.

17. jQM DateBox

What makes it brilliant?

a) Works splendidly with all variants of jQuery Mobile.

b) Thorough API documentation for further improvement.

c) Worked in subject planner with adaptable information sources and highlights.

d) Incorporates a wide range of interfaces like the square schedule, iOS flip box, or +/ - gradual boxes.

18. Filthy pillows

What makes it brilliant?

a) Alternatives for pulling the present time.

b) Console easy routes are incorporated with the module code.

c) Simple to spare and pass dates into backend capacities.

19. PickMeUp

What makes it brilliant?

a) Select numerous dates as a range or as discrete elements.

b) Multi-month interface to show over one month on end.

c) A lot of setup alternatives for the interface and client experience.

20. DatePicker

What makes it brilliant?

a) Imprint occasions or exceptional days/ends of the week utilizing CSS.

b) Worldwide limitation for various dialects.

c) Level mode determination for individual date pieces.

21. Simple DateTimePicker

What makes it brilliant?

a) Adaptable dialects and date/time designing choices.

b) Both date and time determination is situated in a similar spot.

c) Date/time picker can be shown inline or connected to an info field.

d) Contains practically every single choice that can help or engage the client.

22. jQuery Mobile Date Nav

What makes it brilliant?

a) Runs a less difficult Mobile subject contrasted with jQM DateBox.

b) Default content is fabricated utilizing HTML5 information characteristics.

c) Bolt route is increasingly direct however offers less control.

23. Flat DateTime Picker

What makes it brilliant?

a) Totally responsive interface.

b) Handles date, time, or date/time in a solitary box.

c) Level and clean UI is ideal for any site or portable web app.

d) Gigantic table of parameters recorded with precedent code pieces.

24. Pikaday

What makes it brilliant?

a) Very lightweight (minified source is ~5kb).

b) Particular falling styles for simple customization.

c) No prompt conditions with discretionary jQuery support.

25. ClockPicker

What makes it brilliant?

a) Round simple clock interface is an interesting technique for time choice.

b) Supports both web and cell phones. Awesome touchscreen support.

c) The library is intended to keep running over Bootstrap utilizing the default styles.

26. jQuery UI DateRangePicker

What makes it brilliant?

a) API with a full rundown of choices and techniques.

b) Keeps running over jQuery UI with a similar topic customization benefits.

c) The range can be extended to exhibit various months in a similar window.

d) Offers preset date ranges dependent on the current day.

27. Ion Calendar

What makes it brilliant?

a) All touchscreen gadgets are completely bolstered.

b) Fills in as both a standard date-book and datepicker.

c) Supports every single global language and date designs.

d) The click occasion callback enables you to compose a custom strategy for taking care of collaborations.

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