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30 Amazing Fixed Navigation Menus Examples in Web Design

When you have a glance at the navigation bar of the website, you always get the answers to “what itoffers?” & “what does it expect in return?” In simple words, a navigation bar is a road to multiple places/pages of the website that guides all the visitors of the website.

There are a few who have mastered the complicated two-step fashion. This write-up is a collection of artisans of web design and development who’ve delivered a new spin to navigation in the form of “Fixed Navigation”.

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What are the fixed navigation bars?

These bars have the ability to scroll down the page along with you, appear again panel by panel, break and extend with just a simple click of a mouse. Furthermore, they can also establish a good amount of interaction with the user while they are browsing or even stay out of sight very discreetly in the corner of the screen.

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Now with no more wait, we would like to present a new series of appealing websites that feature the perfectly made fixed navigation menus. Take a look at these outstanding examples of responsive menus.

1. The Music Bed (Fixed Side Navigation)

2. Welcome (Animated Navigation)

3. Names for Change Sliding Fixed Navigation top

4. Prollective (Three-Line Fixed Top Navigation)

5. Visage (Fixed Top Navigation)

6. 1Bite2Go (Three-Line Fixed Side Navigation)

7. Tawny Jordan Ring (Fixed Bottom Navigation)

8. Nishiyama (Fixed Top Navigation)

9. Andy Jones (Animated Fixed Top Navigation)

10. Grovemade (Fixed Top Navigation)

11. CTP (Three-Line Fixed Top Navigation)

12. OASIS (Fixed Top Navigation)

13. Papertelevision (Three-Line Fixed Top Navigation)

14. A Curated Anthology of Donuts (Fixed Top Navigation)

15. The Offshore Partners (Fixed Top Navigation Button)

16. Museekly (Fixed Side & Bottom Navigation)

17. AWARD (Sliding Fixed Top Navigation)

18. Script & Seal (Fixed Top Transparent Navigation)

19. Charlie Clark (Fixed Top Navigation)

20. Gareth Emery (Fixed Side & Bottom Navigation)

21. Wifeel (Animated Fixed Top Navigation)

22. The Conference by Media Evolution 2014 (Three-Line Fixed Side Navigation)

23. Brit + Co. (Fixed Top & Side Navigation)

24. Poolhouse (Fixed Top Navigation)

25. Kurka Wolna (Fixed Top Navigation)

26. Knoed Creative (Three-Line Fixed Top Navigation Button)

27. teamgeek (Fixed Side Navigation)

28. Jonathan da Costa (Three-Line Fixed Side Navigation)

29. Playground Inc. (Fixed Side Navigation)

30. Awd Agency (Fixed Side Navigation)

31. Squid Compression (Fixed Top Navigation Button)

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