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website designing company in delhi

5 Myths of Building a Successful Business Selling Online Courses

Launching Online courses are the new generation of education. The online education industry has been exploding like never before. Students, as well as course creators, have realized the value of E-learning in today’s world. It gives learners the opportunity to keep upscaling themselves beyond a university degree, that too at the comfort of their homes.

However, as much as new online courses are coming into the picture, myths are building their way up too. If you are contemplating launching an Online Course, but are somehow caught up in “How” & “Why”, this post is about you.

This post would debunk the myths that are hindering your growth & stopping you from realizing your potential to launch a successful online course.

Myth #1: You need to be an expert.

Gone are the days when a piece of paper would confirm your ability and experience. As a matter of fact, course creators who are new in a specific domain would make better teachers. As they would be in a better position to relate to the current audience and address their pain points than someone who studied the subject a decade back.

Learners found those educators more credible who have “been there, done that”. They don’t want to learn from the industry experts. Rather, they want to learn from the unique experience of creators who have faced the same challenges as current learners. The approach that a fresh educator can bring to the table is valued among the learners.

Even if you don’t have many years of experience, but very well understand a topic, you are good to go.

Myth #2: Technology is Hard

Another thing about launching an Online Course which intimidates course creators is the need to be tech-savvy. It does take time, money & knowledge to be able to build & maintain a course platform. However, it’s 2020. There are various platforms and services which helps to launch an Online Course without worrying about the technology.

One such Online Course platform is Spayee (Create and sell online courses Launch your own Teaching Website). It is a self-hosted platform where putting together an online course is super easy. Not just that, the subscription that you pay per month is economical and worth every penny. You can easily drag & drop various forms of content through Course Builder. There are inbuilt marketing tools & integrated payment gateway.

So many Online Educators & Institutes have opted for it. You can do it too. Technology shouldn’t be hindering your growth, it should uplift you.

Myth #3: You need a large audience

The size of your audience plays an important role in launching an Online Course. However, it isn’t the sole deciding factor on how successful your course would be. Even with a relatively low audience, you can start off well. The relationship that you build with your audience matters more than the size of your audience.

Start small, focus on providing value. Keep in mind that learners often buy online courses because of the educator. If they feel connected to your brand and your journey they are going to talk about you. Eventually, the size of your audience is meant to grow.

Myth #4: You need to choose a trendy topic.

This myth is more common than you would have thought. If you believe in the notion of teaching a course topic solely because it’s trendy or popular, you need to think again. The popular notion is absolutely wrong.

By trying to pick a topic on the basis of its popularity you would do yourself and your learners’ injustice.

What you want to teach should be an amalgamation of your passion, knowledge & its requirement in the market. Create a balance between them and you are ready to launch.

Myth #5: There is too much competition.

We can find every other person jumping on the online course bandwagon. Not just that, the content that they offer are amazing high-value courses at every angle.

Many times, it intimidates budding creators and wants them to question your decision to launch a course. If you are one of them, you need to look at it with a different perspective.

Ask yourself the question as to why this is? It’s clearly because there is a huge market out there looking for the skills and experience that you can offer to them. That’s a good thing.

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Blockchain technology provides both ample transparency and optimum security.

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